Design Development of Document Management System for Education Service Commission (ESC)

Narrative description of the Program: ICT Consults was contracted to Design and Develop an Integrated Document management system for Education Service Commission in the Republic of Uganda’’.

Actual services provided:

Situation analysis – to study and analyze the current document management and information flow of the commission. The major areas covered included but were not limited to:

  • The available hardware and software at the commission;
  • The database management systems of the commission, inclusive of the data bank and storage facilities;
  • The system administration at the commission;
  • Manual workflow and data analysis at the commission;
  • Electronic, mailing system, web access/development and system maintenance at the commission;
  • Current government of Uganda policy/framework for records and document management with a view of identifying the bottlenecks/ strengths likely to hamper/promote complete/successful implementation of an electronic record and document management system;
  • Current computer literacy/skills level at ESC.

Functional and Technical Requirement Specifications – Based on the findings of the study and analysis above, the ICT Consults:

  • Developed the system functional requirements and technical specifications;
  • Assisted ESC in procurement and implementation of the desired systems;
  • Provided advisory and supervisory roles during the implementation of the system up to system test and acceptance by the ESC