Implementation of Software for Makerere University Demographic Surveillance Site at Iganga and Mayuge Districts (Phase II)

Narrative description of the Project: This release will have the following functionality:

  • Import the FoxPro HRS data into an SQL Server database
  • The handheld2 will support the entry of one simple event (mortality or out migration).
  • Consistency logic will test whether data entered about the event is legal given the current state of the population (for example, death cannot happen to an individual who is not currently resident).
  • Server-based reports will list inconsistent information.
  • Server software (VB-HRS) will allow for amendments to be made to the data collected with the handheld2.
  • A handheld2 data entry system for the key demographic events (birth, deaths, migrations, marital status changes, household changes).
  • Consistency logic to test for the legality of key demographic events.
  • Individual look up forms to obtain internal migrant Ids.
  • Server software (VB-HRS) for making amendments to key demographic events.
  • A version that will be made available for preliminary testing by systems people in Uganda.
  • An example of a survey study that integrated with the DSS data is produced. Dataflow from Server to field will be handled using paper forms (amendments, fixes to forms).
  • Management of incoming forms to use a slightly modified HRS functionality.
  • Use STATA as mechanism to generate working files for statistical analysis and demographic rates (workshop, sample scripts, statistician).
  • Incomplete forms tied to the handheld computer on which it was originally collected.

Services being provided by the consultant:

  • System implementation
  • Customization and Testing of the system
  • Training of staff on the use of the system