Student Supervision

Frank Nkwasibwe

Thesis:- Auxiliary Cluster Head Protocol for Improving Reliable Routing in Clustered Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Level: - Masters Student
Year:- 2012

Kawulira Edwin

Thesis:- Improving Link State Routing Against Node Isolation Attacks in Android Based Environments
Level: - Masters Student
Year:- 2013

Eter Ochieng

Thesis:- A Semantic Based Approach for Generating Intelligent Web Content Exploiting Features of Social Web
Level: - PhD Student
Year:- 2014

Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi

Thesis:- An Energy Optimization Model for LTE/LTE Advanced Networks
Level: - Masters Student
Year:- 2014

Terhemba Michael-Ahile

Thesis:- Using Strength of Social Ties to Improve Relay Selection in Cooperative Device to Device Communication
Level: - Masters Student
Year:- 2015