Welcome to Johnson Mwebaze's Website

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I was awarded an MSc in Computer Science from the Makerere University 2003, and BSc in Mathematics from Makerere University in 1997.  I also hold several other postgraduate and professional certificates and diplomas from across the globe.

My current research interests are in applications of statistical tools and machine learning, in solving problems in education, and social protection.  My PhD focused on Astronomical image processing and analysis in the search of high redshift quasars. I have demonstrable skills and good experience in systems analysis, software design and implementation of Management Information Systems. I have demonstrable analytical skills with the use of using statistical tools, machine learning ReadMore

Contribution to Science

I developed the Astro-WISE ( dependency-based data model that supports scientific use-cases for the detecting and analysing Quasi-stellar objects. Quasi-stellar objects (QSOs or quasars) are the active cores of distant galaxies and belong to the most distant objects that can be detected. Galaxies with a massive black hole in their center can have phases of extreme activity in their nuclei due to accretion of mass. Quasars can be brighter than the galaxy that hosts them and can be detected beyond a redshift of 7. Detecting quasars at high redshift probes the Universe at an early age. Quasars can be used to study reionization cosmological structure growth and the formation of super massive black holes. Finding more high redshift quasars is therefore important to understand the early Universe and how it evolves.